Sukimat, 4th Nakem Book

Nakem Conferences to launch SUKIMAT


Published jointly by Nakem Conferences International and Nakem Conferences Philippines, SUKIMAT: RESEARCHES ON ILOKANO AND AMIANAN STUDIES IS the 4th book of the Nakem Conferences.


Edited by Aurelio Solver Agcaoili, PhD, Anabelle Castro Felipe, PhD, and Alegria Tan Visaya, EdD, with a Foreword by Dr. Miriam Pascua, President of Mariano Marcos State University and a Critical Introduction by Aurelio Solver Agcaoili, PhD, President, Nakem Conferences International.


The Philippine edition is published by Nakem Conferences Philippines.


The Commission on the Filipino Language of the Republic of the Philippines provided partial funding for the publication of the book through a grant it awarded to Nakem in 2008.


The book, made up of 12 select essays from a pool of more than a 100 essays presented during the 2007 and 2008 Nakem Conferences held at Mariano Marcos State University and St. Mary’s University, respectively, is Nakem’s contribution to the growing national and international conversation on issues related to cultural pluralism, linguistic democracy, education to democracy and freedom, and mother language education.


The production of a liberatory form of knowledge based on linguistic diversity and cultural pluralism in a country that has grown so accustomed to both external and internal colonialism is one of the challenging cultural works in our globalized world. It demands the deployment of critical tools and the engagement of culture advocates in the effort to evolve a new form of consciousness that is ready to announce the good news of cultural and linguistic democracy. Sukimat—the work of scholars, academics, and cultural workers committed to the exchange and diffusion of knowledge and information on Ilokano and Amianan Studies—offers a way to rethink of education to democracy and freedom.



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