WHEN YOU MOVE from one point to another, and that movement requires a change in time zone, you have to psyche yourself up and make yourself believe that paracosm is real. 

Paracosm is the reality of another world, and its reality is no less than the one you are already familiar with. It is a world out there, but it is a world in your head. 

And this holds for time. Let me invent this other reality of time, an other time: PARATEMPUS.

You move from from a place beyond the Pacific side of the Philippines, and move back to the challenging world of being a Mariqueño for many years, and you are faced with the clock issue.

You have to keep on calculating what time is it, time here is dependent on the reference.

Delay, plus this time zone issue plus airline food plus lack of sleep and you have a recipe for going bonkers and the only thing that will cure you is Jollibee right after exiting from that airport parking lot that was made for legitimate robbery, with a hundred pesos for staying four hours more because of the delay. Of course, Jollibee's own parking lot is not any lesser than a robber in broad daylight: it charged us PhP30 to park our vehicle for a fraction of an hour.

So these capitalists have now followed the example of SM Marikina that charges every moving vehicle for as long as you get past those uniformed ticket ladies that do not even no how to smile.

You do not complain: grab that Jollibee because it is like no other.

You have that in Waipahu, but with all those steroids injected into the wings and legs of chicken, which steroids you presume the poultry raisers in da Pinas have not so far learned, but this Jollibee and the mango peach pie tastes so good you need to fight the urge to order for another one.

So much for raising your three children with Jollibee, rain or shine, one even tendering several birthday celebration at their Marikina store somewhere.

What time is it?

Forget it.

3 Feb 2014

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