Power as aphrodisiac for some.

Power as aphrodisiac for some. 
THE REAL PROBLEM everywhere is that there are some people who look at power as their IV injection. 
Or aphrodisiac. 
We see this everywhere, like Belmonte, for instance, arguing that there is no rhyme or reason for calling for the resignation of a 'smart' president like PNoy. 
That is, if PNoy is really smart. 
If he were smart, he would not have run for president and allowed Gilbert 'Gibo' Teodoro, Jr.to have that chance to deliver the message for us all: That the Philippines deserves a better leader, a logical leadership, and a reasonable redeemer. 
Not the neither here nor there ones. 
The problem with this current Philippine leadership is that it lacks creativity, the power to imagine, and the ability to reshape the way we think of ourselves. 
The problem with this current Philippine leadership is that it has become apathetic to the need to be serious with social justice. 
We look around us and we see: there is nothing.
And so in two years or so, we are going to be left with nothing, and our OFW people will continue to sign contracts for more OFW work because this country has nothing to offer between now and the next presidential elections. 
Ladies and gentlemen: this is not bad luck. 
We chose to have this. 

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