Peter La. Julian: The Return of an Award


The Pedro Bucaneg Award is the highest medal of honor in Iluko literature. But I returned it in support of a noble cause--the unnecessary "attack" in the Internet against Apo Ariel Agcaoili of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and the unexplained expenses of funds of the major national association of Ilokano writers. The political act was made through a letter dated August 5, 2009 to the then president of Gumil Filipinas, giver of PBA, through Ariel Tabag, then secretary- general of the organization.

Iti suratko, imbatadko nga adda dua a kondision iti panangisublik iti PBA ket maisurat koma iti pakasaritaan ti Gumil Filipinas:

1. "Peter La. Julian, Pedro Bucaneg Award insublina a kas simbolo ti pannakipagriknana ken pannakitaktakunaynayna ken ni Apo Aurelio S. Agcaoili a nangtunton iti husticia iti pannkarabrabngis iti dayawna."

2. "Peter La. Julian, Pedro Bucaneg Award insublina a kas simbolo ti luksawna iti saan a nalawag a pannakadagup iti nau-or a pondo ken pannakagastos iti kuarta iti pannakabangon iti Balay ti Gumil idiay Suso."

Saan a nasungbatan ti suratko ngem inikkatda ti naganko iti listaan dagiti immawat iti kangatuan a pammadayaw ti Literatura Iluko.

Saan nga umno ti inaramid da Elizabeth Madarang Raquel, Ariel Tabag ken dagiti kameng ti hunta directiva ti gunglo. They should correct themselves to bury once and for all the perfidies committed by officials and members of GF.

At this point, Gumil Filipinas has lost its credibility to bestow the award because, by their misdeeds, they have dishonored Pedro Bucaneg.

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