2012 Nakem International Conference

First Announcement: 7th Nakem International Conference

7th Nakem International Conference
Leyte Normal University, Tacloban City
May 23-25, 2012

Hosted and Sponsored by
Leyte Normal University

Jointly sponsored by

University of Hawaii Ilokano Program
University of Northern Philippines
Ifugao State University
Mariano Marcos State University
Nakem Conferences Philippines
Nakem Conferences International
St. Mary’s University
University of Northern Philippines

Convened by
Evelyn C. Cruzada, Leyte Normal University
Aurelio S. Agcaoil, University of Hawaii
Bonifacio V. Ramos, St. Mary’s University
Alegria T. Visaya, Mariano Marcos State University

The 7th Nakem Conference, “Pag-angkon: Our Right to Our Languages, Our Right to Education that Emancipates,” aims to highlight the link between language and education, and between the right of peoples to their languages and to an education that emancipates. Arguing from the framework that diversity matters to an education that makes sense to citizens, the conference revisits the issues of nation-state, citizenship, and cultural literacy, and tests these issues against the ideals of an education that forms citizens, that makes citizens sensitive to difference, and that makes educands literate in their culture and the cultures of other people.

The use of the Waray pag-angkon—claiming—designates the clear-cut political direction of the conference: it univocally states the non-negotiable right of peoples to the dwelling-place of their souls, their languages and cultures, rights that are protected by various international covenants, and rights that, because of flawed government policies, have been denied of the various ethnolinguistic groups and communities in the Philippines and elsewhere. The act of pang-angkon is thus a categorical imperative for all peoples of the world in search of a form of education that makes sense, and it makes sense because it emancipates.

The specific aims of the conference are:
• To revaluate the role of the language of the community in the education of students;
• To redefine the meaning and practice of emancipatory education in the context of cultural diversity and difference; and
• To provide a venue for the exchange and diffusion of the best educational practices that employ the language of the community.

Paper Proposal Requirements
Paper proposals submitted for consideration by the Abstract Selection Committee must zero in on the theme or the specific goals of the conferences.

Some topics for considerations are:
• Auxiliary language for a non-auxiliary learning
• The cultural citizen in the Visayan classroom
• The cultural citizen in the Luzon classroom
• The cultural citizen in the Mindanao classroom
• Indigeneity and emancipatory education
• The case of diversity and difference in Philippine education
• Education for cultural pluralism
• Best practices in the use of the language of the community
• Best practices in MTB-MLE
• A second look on the Visayan, Luzon, or Mindanao educand
• Return to the basics: Why our languages matter in our education as citizens
• Literate in my language, literate in my culture, and educated for
for the future
• The future of Philippine languages and the future of Philippine education
• Towards a Philippine education that emancipates

Only abstracts of 300 words are accepted for presentation at the 7th Nakem International Conference.

Each abstract must zero in on the theme, or one or more of the topics listed in this Call for Paper.

All abstracts must be sent to all the following on or before December 31, 2011:

Abstract Selection Committee, 7th Nakem, nakem2012@gmail.com;
Aurelio Solver Agcaoili, chair, U of Hawaii, aurelioa@hawaii.edu; Bonifacio V. Ramos, co-chair, St. Mary’s U, bonifacio50@yahoo.com; and Alegria Tan Visaya, co-chair, Mariano Marcos State U, atvisaya@yahoo.com.

Notice of acceptance of abstracts will be emailed to conference paper proponents on or before January 31, 2012.

Notices will be emailed. Only e-versions of Notices of Acceptance will be sent. No other versions will be used; hence, all proponents are advised to have their email addresses.

For inquiries in the Visayas and Mindanao, email Dr Evelyn Cruzada, President, Leyte Normal University, Tacloban City, evlida12@yahoo.com; or Voltaire Oyzon, member, 7th Nakem Steering Committee, v.oyzon@gmail.com; or Michael Carlo Villas, mykllvillas@yahoo.com.

For additional inquiries, you can write to the members of the 2012 7th Nakem International Conferece LNU Steering Committee:

Firie Jill Ramos, firelady547@yahoo.com;
Michael Carlo C. Villas, mykllvillas@yahoo.com;
Rutchell B. Enriquez, rutchenriquez@gmail.com;
Facundo Rey Ladiao, reyladiao@gmail.com;
Jonas P. Villas, jonasvillas@yahoo.com;
Mel Brian Berida, melberida@yahoo.com;
Ariel Salarda, arielgsalarda@yahoo.com; and
Ian Phil Canlas, lordphil2003@yahoo.com.

First posting/first announcement
2012 7th Nakem International Conference
Leyte Normal U, May 23-25, 2012
Pag-angkon: Our Right to Our Languages, Our Right to Education
That Emancipates

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