(Invocation recited during the retirement party of Prof. LIndy Aquino, Ala Moana Hotel, Honolulu, HI April 17, 2010)

O most wonderful spirit of human life, the source of all that we are and will be, come and bless this gathering.

You who, in time and place constantly reveal yourself to us in myriad stories of joy and celebration, come and bless us as we celebrate the retirement of Professor Belinda Aquino, as we celebrate her years of selfless service to our various communities, and as we testify to the truth of her work for and in our name.

Creator and maker of all that will be, make haste to sanctify this gathering of friends in Professor Aquino’s name so that in our sharing with each other of the blessings of friendship, we will be able to understand more and more the meaning of community and solidarity.

In our laughter, make us remember, Oh Great Spirit, the grief of others.

In our abundance, Oh Spirit of the Universe, make us recall the needs of others.

In our celebration, Oh Endless Inspirer of our lives, make us remember our duty to others and to the world.

And in our attempt to make memories we can hold onto forever, make us understand the Eternity of Time, and in that understanding, we will remain faithful to our commitment to do what is just and fair.

Bless us even as we bless you, sanctify us even as we sanctify you, and in the goodness that we share with each other, lead us to the light.

Bless those who prepared our food; bless those who partake of this food.

All will say, Amen.

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