Your coming to voice in your name


For Rev. Emily Joye McGaughy

You have come to voice in our name
Even as you have sought yours, seeking
Salving sentences and taming thoughts
Where language is absent and our grief,
Present as present can be in our search
For the fullness we shall be, takes flight
And flee to the permanent places of our pains.
In the seeking for meaning is all what we have.
It is solitude, this. It is aloneness of the self
We construct for others, believing in the faith
We have to come to grace to accept the truth
Of our bodies, their topography the distances
In the journeys we need to traverse in between
Commitment for difference, with our loss palpable
This sense of what we can do to make sense
With our wounded words, human and going divine
In the manner we can make a vow to live for,
To die for, everyday in one thousand lifetimes
And one thousand death-times in this ceaseless
Cycle of hoping what is yet to come, cool, collected
And clear, as the logic of alien loves beyond premises
Because peaking in all the warmth of smiles we have
From the cold trajectories of our dreams, young
And younger, always aiming holier and higher than
What the heavens can tell, these dreams of color
And the fullness of voice, fear hidden somewhere
Away from the syllables of music that make us one,
The courage in the verses you tell for us to bring
Home, sanctified lines, paragraphs, chapters
Of stories we write, in clear scripts and vision
To redeem ourselves from this sad longing
We cannot know, we will never know, but here
In this presence we have for each other, here
Is where our petitions will go: our prayers for you
Even as we ask you to raise your hand for us
In the name of the Spirit that will forever keep us.

A S Agcaoili for Nakem Youth
Honolulu, Hawaii, March 27, 2010

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