A Monday for Salve

(For Salve Esperanza, because you know the exile's story)

Pissed off we all are on this Monday

Of our empty dreaming. The sunlight

In our hearts fails, fades as it falls,

Reaching us somewhere in our own

Hidden hopes for our exilic loves.

The sighing continues with each

Beat of life pulsing for pennies,

The crumbs of those who declaim

About justice and kindness,

Their language a lie, coveting

The titles of our songs, lines

Of our hymns, the ones we hum to lilt

Us to reclaim the morning, wintry and cold

But loving us just the same

And the waters and the waves soothing

Us, salving us as we snatch

Our season of rest. Even as the office

Door frames you today, announcing

The bright light you bring, I hear

The throbbing of tear swelling, surging

Into sad, sad rivers becoming wild winds,

Whirling and swirling to make dust

Out of promises until all of us who know

Are windswept back into the salvific shores

That are eponymous to your name.

*Published in the Labours of Love, Spring 2005


SALVE said...


Thank you for expressing our agonies freely... more than our emotions could ever show... more than our eyes could ever shed tears... for letting the world know how we endure our day-to-day life in the four corners of the cage we were in before!

Ading Salve

ariel said...

dear ading,
because we are witnesses now: in blood and flesh, in truth and in fact. there is no turning back this road to decency and self-respect. this is the only moral road.

yes, i carry the sorrows and the sacrifices in my heart and turn them into living words, into poems, if only to be healed of the wounds of exile.

manong A