Las Bodas de Plata

For Leah Canete Antonio-Agcaoili

This is silver, shining,
shining through.

It is solid, metal of words,
living, true, forever be.

Bind it is, this,
eternal, timeless
and in the energy
of our circle
ringing us, we celebrate
this rare gift and grace
this love we have, endless
as endless can be.

It is this anniversary
we await
and this memory
we make
hold unto, now,
and more so.

We live through it,
this love.

In the freedom we have
for the love we have,
committing us boundlessly
tying us so
in the living laughter
of children, family, friends,
we come, so here we come
unto another land,
familiar and forgiving,
this sacred territory
of loving
and loving more
and more.

We come unto this country
of perpetual prayer
and from here
soar high in the heavens
where love, indeed, is real.

A Solver Agcaoili
Recited, Dec 26/09, at a las bodas de plata ceremony
Luyong Restaurant, Concepcion, Marikina

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