It is not that easy
doing this, this writing
on tablet on stones
on the surface of water.
It is night over here
and the mountainsides
tell of the sleep of the forest
even as the darkness provides
the blanket that warms
our soul. The late evening
hours watch us by
while we talk about
what struggle is
for our people
for the young lost
while moving on
for the old equally
lost while they lead us
to the place we ought
to go from hereon.

We take in all these
compromises, the spicy
Thai chicken to remind
us that we are everywhere now
we are elsewhere too
in this witnessing
we need to do.
This is exuberance in reverse
and this prolonging of talk
is all that matters:
we clarify the words
we speak here
and there speak
about the freedom of angels
them that have known
nothing but goodness
that does not know us
we who labor it out
to fight and keep on doing so
so from here, in this space
we gain, we can dance around
in victory and celebration.

Hon, HI

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