(For Lydia and Max, on their wedding in the name of love)

It was worth the wait, this loving.

Centuries of seeking for each other
To love what love is
Between grief and one more.
But today, histories define
What can be unravelled by word,
The same ones you have begun
To use to name what joy
You have finally found.
Each other's absence reaching out
To each other's presence
And here you are, lovers,
One beloved and another so!
The day has come, and it is today.
Eternity begins at this hour
And it is your Time, one in the other
We want, this gift of body
And spirit and soul, this gift
All-name and nameless
Like evening birthing so dawn
Comes, and then the evening
One more time. It is restless.
It is rest.
It is longing.
It is satisfaction.
It is seeking.
It is finding.
All these are in your name now,
Two people bound by
Spaces going beyond.

July 4, 2011

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