Lampedusa, Lampedusa

An Oslo professor has nominated the people of the Italian island of Lampedusa to call attention to the perilous journey that refugees fleeing war and poverty make every year in search of a better life in Europe. This year is on track to see the most refugees ever cross the Mediterranean Sea, and the United Nations says more than 3,000 of them have died trying to cross. The residents of Lampedusa, on the front line of this human flood, were cited for their empathy and solidarity with the migrants.--Mark Lewis, 9 October 2014. 

Saan a kas karina ti bumallasiw iti taaw kas iti biag. 
Adu a dalluyon ti sarangten, kas iti nalinak koma a baybay
Nga agbalin a kastilio ti arinebneb. Adukamin unay a maidaton
Iti danum a lungon, iti daytoy a sementerio nga awanan iti diding
A di matugkelan iti padeppa. 

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