The clowns and comedians of DSSD and PIDS

The clowns and comedians of DSSP and PIDS.
WE CANNOT believe these clowns.
WE cannot believe these comedians who make us cry.
Both agencies, with the blessing of another clown, the Philippine Statistics Authority, are defining another category of 'poorness' and they call it 'non-poor.'
Ladies and gentlemen: we have reached a point where language is being used against us, and where language is used as a tool to make us believe in the lie of public governance.
The definition, if at all, is only for these people who can afford to knife their steak and drink Starbucks cappuccino grande anytime they want.
Look at their funny numbers: P8T plus for the non-poor category for a family of five per month?
These people make us laugh.
And they are making themselves the laughing stock of the world.
Beyond their pencil-pushing, what both DSSD and PIDS should do is talk to the housewives and house husbands, please. And please ask them kindly where that P8T plus thing can lead them per month.
Now, we see: these numbers are used to make abracadabra a lessened number of the poor in our streets, slums, squatters areas, and the bunkhouses of Easter Visayas, yes, those over-priced 'non-home' for the tsunami victims.

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