Small Miracles Are Big

For us the wounded
and hurting,
rootless as of yet
in this hard land,
life is not a game
of roses in summer
as in spring
even when the winter cold
does not make us chill
in evenings that come late
for the first supper
we dine on and on
to make us remember
the color of pains
we carry with us
each day of our dreaming
of the dollars
of our endearings.

Small miracles come to us
as we hit right
with the sun shining,
each dawn as each dusk
when memories
are less forgiving.

And the small miracles
are big ones,
big for our
minute minds to know,
huge for our small hearts
to hope for something less
than a full meal
for our sweet sorrow.

In the meantime,
this is sufficient,
these small miracles
getting bigger
and bigger for us
to contain.

Understanding does not come
ahead of things
other than seeing
that which is
beyond seeing.

There is time even
in small miracles
getting bigger and bigger.

A. S. Agcaoili
The Weekly Inquirer Philippines
Carson, CA
May 28, 2005

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