Creating a Curriculum Vitae

Address: homelessly residing in all the parts of the city
that I take fancy on especially in those seedy parts
where I can spill the wild beans to prove my manhood
to the perpetually gawking electorate in this location of light
that shines all year-round. Objective: to remain forever and ever,
me and my family, me first, then my wife if she does
not get killed jumping from high places when she is not
in her right senses, then my children, then my brothers and sisters,
then my in-laws if they can still forgive me for philandering
with prostitutes without sex, then back to me again, this
power that makes you drunk, drunk, drunk.
Personal background: born to privilege in these parts;
went to a Catholic school run by priests and other forms
of maladjusted clerics and religious ministers; went to confession
in order to get past the catechetical requirements, get high marks
in religion year-in and year out; went to a Catholic university in
Manila to hone my skills in lawmaking and then some
of the laws of the land when I connived with dark angels
flying high with their weeds; went back to the city by
the river and began to parade my prowess with women,
wine, and wit so that, aftern a night of wanton drunkenness,
I got elected to run the coffers of this city by the river,
steal from it from time to time, and sniff the good odor
of authority from dawn to dusk, from dusk to dawn.
Such is the case here, in this city by the river,
and I had had my fill: I got what I wanted and I danced
with the dark energies of money and greed and want,
those that I know to be true as a leader. I do not want
nothing less, with my bad English and bad Ilocano
and everything bad. Educational attainment: I always speak as
the honorable guest speaker in graduation ceremonies
for the intelligent, the brilliant, the smart.
Experiences: corruption and corruption; graft and graft;
and sometimes, just sometimes, like this one, this recent one,
a merciful murderer of dreams.

A. S. Agcaoili
March 13, 2005

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