Philippine National Anthem in Ilokano

(Note: I know of several Ilokano versions of the Philippine National Anthem, the Himno Nacional, but this Dr. Godofredo Reyes version is the one that has created some kind of a space in our minds, we people of the exilic communities, we who are always afflicted with that nostalgia for anything Ilokano and Amianan. This nostalgia, I am sure, is some kind of a social 'dis-ease', one you are not comfortable with because, let us accept it, there is nothing comfortable in going away from one's homeland.

The pull of the roots--'guyod ti ramut' is Pacita Cabulera Saludes' metaphor for this phenomenon--is something connected to this nostalgia, to this 'dis-ease' and which in turn, is connected to the idea of birth (the kadkadua is the same as the kararua, come on now!), growth (youth, marriage, relationship, old age), and death ('kayatko ti agsubli iti ili ket idiayak a maitanem,' say many of the old people).

So here is the Dr. Godofredo Reyes version, with very slight tweaking from the combined efforts of yours truly and some members of GUMIL Hawai`i. For the first time as well, we sang this Ilokano version of the Himno Nacional at the 2007 IALC. And we sang it twice! Of course, we keep on singing it in our hearts.)

By Dr. Godofredo Reyes

O, Filipinas
Perlas a di agkupas
Umok ti init
Tampok a narimat

Ili ni pintas
Imnas a nadarisay
Bannuar ti ili
Naruay a naidasay

Sadiay baybay, langit
Ul-ulep ken banbantay 'ti daya
Pumpumsuak raniagda
Pitik rikna, nasged a wayawaya

Wagaywaymo, ipatpateg
Aglaylayag ngato
O, anian a naglibnosen
Awan makaartap

Napintas a daga a nakayanakan
Dita arpadmo umaykam' agpasag
Aglalo no dayawmo indan mulitan
Ragsakenmi ti matay gapu kenka.

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