All Philippine languages are Philippines languages. And non-Tagalog languages are Philippine languages too, and thus, Filipino languages.

All Philippine languages are Philippines languages. And non-Tagalog languages are Philippine languages too, and thus, Filipino languages. 

THERE IS such a thing as arrogation. 

From its Latin root, arrogat, it was clear what this means and what it intends to do without lying, lying, lying: it is the 'claim(ing) of something for oneself.'

This is the story of the dubious, schizophrenic language called 'Filipino' that the 1987 Philippine Constitution has declared as such because of the abracadabra of academics, especially from UP Diliman: the claiming unto their own that there is already a 'Filipino language' but forgetting as well that that language, whatever it is, is evolving, with that phrase from that constitution as a guide, 'as it evolves' to make us understand this hanky-panky business of narrow-minded nationalists.

These academics made a ruse, and let us be clear about this now, a sleight-of-the-hand deception that is the same as a miracle. Were they miracle workers too?

That miracle was made possible by the change of the name of Tagalog as Filipino.

This is arrogation par excellence: a claiming of something for oneself, for reasons that are dubious, narrow, deceptive, triumphalist. Ah, the triumphant linguistic Saducees and Pharisees are still with us.

Why is it that this country and its academics cannot even afford to be truthful?

Why cannot they tell us this: 'Hey, you, people, because we are the center and you are the periphery, you have no say in what we do to the country but we only ask you to believe in our lies, and because we are going to make it possible that these lies will be repeated, somewhere in time, this will become true?'

The truth is this: That there is no Filipino language.

If we do not resort to the miracle of these people, we have this, and let us remind them of their obligation to ontology and to epistemology as well:

1. There is no Filipino language. Filipino is a dialect of Tagalog, a variety of the hegemonic center of profit and power and national abuse of our capacity to think, an abuse authored by plunderers of our financial and cultural riches.

2. There is Filipino Tagalog in much the same way that there is Filipino Sebuano, Filipino Kapampangan, Filipino Bikol Sorsogon, Filipino Bikol Naga, Filipino Apayao, Filipino Pangasinan, Filipino Ibanag, Filipino Itawis, Filipino Maranaw, Filipino Bohol, Filipino Ilokano and so on.

3. There are state apparatuses (like CHED, DEPED, TESDA, KWF, popular cultural media, and the mass media) that are all in cahoots to make us believe in this Goebbels-like miracle.

August as the Buwan ng Wikang Filipino? [Oh, but there is no such thing!]

Do we believe in this lie at all?

All non-Tagalog peoples, you have nothing to lose but your chains! RISE! BANGON!

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