The work of defending ourselves, the work of defending our own languages.

The work of defending ourselves, the work of defending our own languages. 

THE ADVOCATES OF MULTILINGUALISM in the Philippines--those I am working with--have these common principles:

1. That all languages of the Philippines are necessary and these make up what we are as a nation of many nations. 

2. That every language we have got, about 185 of the indigenous and 11 of the foreign ones per Ethnologue 2005, are urgent for our political survival.

3. That inclusion--or inclusivity--that principle that follows the substance of what the social contract is all about, remains the primary principle in accounting each other's life in this homeland of many nations.

4. That diversity is what makes up the Philippines and no less.

In contrast, those people responsible for the 'Linguicide of August 2014' have called for:

1. The banishment of those who do not regard the Tagalog language as the P/Filipino national language.

2. The shooting in the head pointblank of those 'regionalists' whose only sin is that they believe in the four common principles listed above.

3. The aggressive and terroristic labeling of those advocates of multilingualism as agents--'under the employ'--of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States.

We are a country of diverse peoples, diverse languages, diverse cultures, and diverse nations, and we are defending ourselves every second of our life against these authors of Linguicide of August 2014. Every second.

What country has done this rampant injustice against their own people other than the Philippines?

We are worried about that Ramon Bautista guy calling some women of Davao City 'hipon' and we are not worried at all about this fundamental injustice that has pushed us back to the Dark Ages.

Our sense of the ethical must be in the wrong places? 

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