Bad taste.

Bad taste.

SENATOR NANCY BINAY, it must be told, is saying things in bad taste. Her words are those of the 'palengkera' queens of Pritil, Muñoz, or the talipapa markets in my hometown. Or perhaps, those palengkeras have more decency and self-respect.

For her to say those words about the opposition as 'the consistent na kumukontra against GMA' is owning up the act of resistance and arrogating that act of courage unto her own and her group, whichever is this 'opposition' is all about.

One thing she should do is this: She tells us who are these in her group and we figure out if this group resisting--'kumukontra'--GMA's sordid presidency is not itself vested with selfish interest.

Or, if that group itself did not benefit from this sordidness of that presidency.

There is even that caveat in what she says, and it is done in bad, bad, bad taste so that even if we do not like the Aquino leadership, we realize that we are headed to the same group of people who are probably even worse than the present regime.

She is responding to the reported movement of troops and the possible staging of a coup courtesy of those whose salaries and perks and privileges are being paid for by the sweat, labor, dignity, and hopes of our people.

She says: 'the opposition' will not support a coup against Aquino. That is how she has dignified this argumentum ad baculum from this irrational group of people who are issuing out a psy-war to gain traction in leading to perdition an already destroyed and damaged people.

And then this callousness that is not even stateswoman-like, not at all
in keeping with her being a senator: 'Dalawang taon na lang, malapit na ang eleksyon e so i don't see why kailangan ma-fasttrack (yung pagtatapos ng current administration.' [Source: Amita O. Legaspi, GMA News, 30 Jul 2014]

Ah, greed.

And ambition.

There is no letup among these people. And they never learn.

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