Inquirer and its commitment to truth.

Inquirer and its commitment to truth. 

THE PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER on 17 August 2014 published an opinion piece of a certain David Michael San Juan who is an associate professor of De La Salle University (see 

San Juan is one of those people behind the Tanggol Wika, presumably a group advancing the cause of homogenization of all peoples of the Philippines by making them speak a single language, presumably 'Filipino.'

Filipino, of course, is an ontic prescription of the 1987 Constitution, with that lame phrasing that is as lame as the excuses and arguments of this San Juan, a professor who should profess truth and not half-truths, many of these his own version.

First, San Juan is that guy who has accused all those advocating for linguistic and cultural pluralism as people under the payroll of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Second, in his desperation, San Juan even went on a la juramentado mode and called for the shooting of these regionalists 'pointblank' in the head.

How can Inquirer ever do this act of disservice to the cause of pluralism in a plural country like the Philippines?

Joven Ramirez, a budding scientist and advocate of pluralism has responded. We have urged him to send a reply to the San Juan opinion piece. [See]

Let us see how Inquirer will respond to the cause of truth.


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