'Collective meningitis,' this.

'Collective meningitis,' this. 
THIS REPORT ABOUT public governance and economic position of Binay--what is he, anyway?--of needing China because da Filipins needs the capital China could give is something we all need to take with a grain of West Philippine Sea salt especially the fine salt from Pangasinan or from Pasuquin. 
In the first place, we need salt to make 'warsi' to those 'di-makitkita' [the unseen in the dark!], those 'nangisit' entities that are acting like bacteria that get into our collective brain and eating up every cell those bacterial could find. 
This is why with this collective meningitis affecting us all now, we need potent--the most potent--antibiotics to fight the evil that our leaders are doing to us to harm our way of thinking, to colonized our brain. and to make us believe that the word they speak is the word coming the the voices they here from some imagine sources, especially those telling them that they are the redeemers of da Filipins. 
No, Binay. 
No: we do not need the capital from China. 
What you need to do--if you are sincere--are the following:
1. Bring out all your ill-gotten wealth. Use that as our capital.
2. Bring out all the ill-gotten wealth of all sitting political leaders, the jailed senators included. Use that as capital. 
3. Bring out all the ill-gotten wealth of immoral wealth-seekers, favor-seekers and plunders in the likes of Napoles and Erap. Use that as our capital. 
4. Bring out all the ill-gotten wealth of the past abusers and plunderers. You know them, right, when you were pretending you were after our people's interest. You remember those days when you were still fired by truth, idealism, and integrity, with the MABINI? Now, now: use that as our capital. 
5. AND let all churches pay taxes. They cannot run away from their social obligation even if they are invoking the word of God. Use those taxes as our capital.
Now, go kaput, Binay. 

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