The wrong kind of Philippine nationalism.

The wrong kind of Philippine nationalism.
THERE IS THIS WRONG kind of nationalism being foisted upon our people: it is a nationalism with only one head, one body, one soul, one spirit--like the 'Isang Bansa, Isang Diwa, Isang Wika' thing of the dictatorship, with the last phrase, 'Isang Wika' calculatedly removed for prosody and other reasons so that in the end only 'Isang Bansa, Isang Diwa' was inculculated in the minds of the young beginning 1972. 
Hail to those who approved the dictatorship, and many of these were from the University of the Philippines. 
And now, this again, with this guy from Taft Avenue talking about 'nationalism' and 'decolonization' as the prime reasons for his group's move to ask for the TRO of the removal of the Filipino subjects in college. 
When nationalism is reducible to this rah-rah-rah of this Taft Avenue guy, we need to feel inferior and unworthy of our claims of being peoples of the Philippines, because by the logic of this guy, his brand of nationalism does not colonize but says No! (with the exclamation point) to all things that destroy his sense of nation.
Never mind that this guy--promise, let us challenge him, and I cannot even pronounce his name because he has become a homogenization godling--cannot even speak another Philippine language apart from his Bulacan Tagalog.
Our problem is not the Tagalog language. 
Our problem is the kind of people like this Taft Avenue guy who cannot even make the name of his group right. 'Tanggol Wika' when you have 196 languages in the country? Shame. 
Ah, the ruses. 
The myopic nationalists have an armory of these ruses. Promise. 

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