Sickening, this TRO on the 'Filipino' subject thing in college.

Sickening, this TRO on the 'Filipino' subject thing in college. 
THINK OF THIS, and this is the myopic logic of the Tanggol Wika. 
That name is also a misnomer, and is, in truth and in fact, a fascistic group of people thinking only of its own kind of language which is not, by linguistic standard, a language but a dialect of a language. 
The Supreme Court TRO is simple enough, and it reflects the myopic thinking of this court as well, which is presumed to have its own supreme thinking and sublime thought about collective life. 
It is not. 
It granted TRO to this rah-rah-rah group of myopic nationalists that cannot even give regard to the issues of diversity, plurality, and indigeneity in the country. 
The group wants to bring back the "Filipino subjects" in college, which is your Filipino 1 and Filipino 2 for you after having all these courses covered up in the K-12. 
College is supposed to prepare the Philippine students with 
(1) more in-depth visions and appreciations of themselves by going into their own and what can they offer to their communities and to the bigger world out there, and 
(2) professional skills so they can face the world of work. 
But no.
Here comes the argument about decolonization and the nationalism crap, an argument that does not even recognize by way of self-reflection that the Philippines is now effectively being colonized internally by people that includes academics that are as myopic as their fossilized view of nationalism.
The Nazis were arguing better, and they had, among others Martin Heidegger to back them up, even twist their project of the great ends of Germany. 
But these myopic nationalists in the likes of those Tanggol Wika have only but their hegemonic and homogenous aims of making the Philippines one and only one language-speaking community.
Never mind that the Philippines has 196 languages, 185 indigenous and 11 foreign but used in the country.
Ah, let's fight the TRO and say for once to the Philippine Supreme Court that is must prove that it has the supreme mind. 

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