On a Black Saturday like, with 147 dead in Kenya.

I AM NOT so sure sure how to take this news from Kenya. 
It is not that President Obama's father who came to the University of Hawaii to take his master's degree is from Kenya. 
It is not that President Obama has some half-siblings in that country, and that this continuing understanding of complex family life between Obama the American and the Obama the Kenyans is giving the Republicans and their allies some booby trap to keep on insisting that the president is not a natural born American. 
It is funny that some people of the State of Hawaii--the people who are in the know of the legal circumstances of his birth--have brought out that one final document proving that, yes, he is a natural born American with a natural born mother, and that should be enough to tell us that yes, he is qualified to be president, as he has been for two terms.
It is just that this terrorist group in Kenya--some of its members from Somalia, the news account tells us--has overrun a university college and killed 147 and wounded others. 
We do not know yet the extent of this brutish rampage, and we do not equally know the cost of this terroristic act upon peoples and communities in that area of Kenya. 
We do not yet know the implications of these one in terms of the peace and order situation of that country.
But we do know one thing: there is no way we can ever justify the murder of one man.
We must say, this: One death too many.
Yes, one death too many for us to count. 
We want to remain human beings, that should be our moral position and no less. 

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