The callousness of the rabid, myopic, hegemonic nationalists like this Taft Avenue guy.

The callousness of the rabid, myopic, hegemonic nationalists like this Taft Avenue guy.
IF WE ARE TO make a survey of these people who are foisting this evil upon us and see which language they speak, we certainly can establish a pattern:
1. This Taft Avenue guy is a model, with his Tagalog Bulacan that he knows--and the only Philippine language he knows--and he confuses this, or lies to us big time, that this is also the Filipino language he is talking about. Basic linguistics would tell you he is lying: his Filipino language is not a language but a dialect of his Bulacan Tagalog. Ask an honest linguist--the one not schooled in the school of myopic linguistics--and you understand where the deception comes from. 
2. Other pretenders of Philippine knowledge, many of them non-Tagalogs but so comfortable speaking Tagalog they believe is Filipino (check the lexicon, check the grammar, check the structure and tell me who is lying here) and because this presumed language has become the medium through which they get this mindless pop culture education via the noontime TV shows and Abante and Bulgar (and what have you). You might be surprised many of these are Ilokanos who do not know their Ilokano (in fact, they are ignorant of their language, and do not even know its structure, but can only speak it like a child before four speaking it) or Binisaya or Subanen, or Tausug, or Maranaw, or Bicol (hail, hail, Manu Algam├ín), or Cordilleran (hail, hail Prof Farland Dao-ayan Valera and Teofilo Damoco). 
We know this clearly: lobotomization and brainwashing have come upon us and we like it so under the guise of false nationalism, one that equates the use of an illegal language (based on a criminal act by legislators: read Vicente Albano Pacis' account, and you will weep) and the love of nation. 
We are not going to mention the name of this Taft Avenue guy: he is enjoying the limelight, and has become a superstar of our mindlessness. 
Next time he hits his head against the wall, I hope that he will learn Kapampangan so he understands what is it to lose your language when that act of losing is by way of the act of public governance that legitimizes even the illegitimate deed of criminals. 

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