It is always the case, this spell, this enchantement, this terror, this surprise.

You are in a new city with its new possibilities.

But you are an exile.

Exile to your self.

Exile in life.

Exile of your country.

And then the people seem to be exiles as well, the people and you, you and the people, exiles all in life as well as of life.

You go through the motions each day.

You go through the anguish in facing life with its uncertainties to be certain.

And then, and then, you begin to pray.

And then, you go through life growing with love and joy.

Strong, stronger, made strong.

The spirits would come and keep you company even as you invoke them, ask their guidance, ask for their succor.

In this life as in this world are the terrors and surprises.

We only have to come to terms with all of these each time.

You remember the months of despair.

The months of agony.

The anxieties the night give birth to, in your exile in Hawaii as in your exile from youself, thoughts, poems, prayers.

The images come--and they come as if they rivers of the wild rushing, rushing wildly and to the sea.

You are the river.

You are the sea.

You are the tide.

You are the wave.

You are the rushing, rushing, rushing.

Torrance, CA

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