Saturdays Are Here To Make Us Sit Down and Write The Nation of Exiles

Saturdays are here
to make us sit down
and take stock
of what we have got.

Few dollars
for the $120 million
to make hope alive
springing eternal
like the wild flowers
of the Los Angeles
going wild.

Mondays till Fridays
are the defects
of virtue
going sweet
and then going sour
like some cheap milk
we stock up
for the promise
of nutrients and fullness
when a meal is obligatory
and swallowing food taken
alone makes you cry brooks
becoming seas
of the broken exile's heart.

Ha, Saturdays make you
sit down and write poems
write the nation of exiles
the nation
that harbors ill-feelings
because you
do not send the dollars
to buy the elites
the bullets
to hit
the enemy like us.

We have seen it this way
for a long long time
and we
have not spoken the word
the liberating word
that tells us
who we really are.

Exiles, remitters
of false
courage and pretenses
of those we vote to govern
our tarnished lives.

The nation of exiles,
this is
the one we have got
the only one we have
the only one we write.

Torrance, CA/Redondo Beach, CA

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