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On behalf of the members and officers of Annak ti Kailokuan iti Amerika, I would like to congratulate all those who are taking part in this historical gathering of creative writers, cultural workers, academics, scholars, researchers, heritage culture advocates, and community leaders.

It is not everyday that we witness a gathering like this. Certainly, this 2007 International Conference on Ilokano and Amianan Literatures and Cultures is a trailblazing effort of so many who realized the need to bring into the open the issues that pertain to the preservation and promotion of our languages, literatures, and cultures from Northern Philippines or Amianan.

I salute those members of the various committees who worked hard to make this event happen. Their dedication and commitment to this concerted effort to exchange and diffuse ideas and knowledge on Ilokano and Amianan writing is laudable.

I wish to commend as well the visitors who are coming to celebrate with us. Likewise, I wish thank our prominent scholars, speakers, academics, and community and government leaders for joining us in this conference. We are certain that in the days to come, this wonderful exchange will bear fruit and will serve as a beacon in the search for a productive direction and strategy to preserving our literatures from the Ilocos, the Cordilleras, and the Cagayan Valley as well as the literatures of the people that descended from the people from these communities.

It is on this note that we express our hope for the future—our hope that Ilokano and Amianan literatures will remain with us whether we have chosen to remain in the homeland or seek a better chance abroad.

Congratulations to all of you!

Pacita Cabulera Saludes

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