Message-Fele Mann

Ilokano Writers Guild Global-Australia
124-7 Progress Drive, Darwin
NT 0810, Australia


I am pleased to greet and welcome the participants, delegates, speakers, and conveners of this important gathering of producers of our various literatures in Northern Philippines, the Amianan. We, members and officers of TMI Australia, are proud that in this modest way, we are able to put together this conference so that we can have a venue for discussion of what needs to be done to preserve and promote our various languages, literatures, and cultures.

For us Ilokano writers in Australia, we share with all of you this heightened sense of commitment and dedication to what we are, to what we have got, and to what we can give to make it sure that the coming generations of Ilokanos and other people in the North will have something to hold onto to remind themselves of who they are wherever they are. For indeed, it is our lot now as a people to keep going away in order to find something better, something more meaningful than the little that we have in the home country. But we are always going back, if not in the physical sense, in the psychic and cultural sense. This, to me, is one of the reasons why this conference means a lot.

We are proud to have become part of this historic conference, however modest our participation is. We have always believed in this cause espoused by TMI, the very reason why we have put up our own country chapter here. We hope that in the future, more country chapters will be put up apart from the Philippines and ours.

Bigbigenmi ti saet dagiti nagkakammaysa a kameng ti Steering Committee kas iti Ilokano Language and Literature Program, Universidad ti Hawai`i; ti GUMIL Hawai`i; ti Annak ti Kailokuan iti Amerika; ti International Academy for Ilokano and Amianan Studies; ti Nakem Conferences; ti Nakem Conferences Philippines; ti TMI Filipinas; ti TMI Amerika; ti TMI Global; ti Center for Philippine Studies, UH; ken ti Philippine Consulate General.


(Pirmado) Lady Fele Mann
Interim a Presidente

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