15 cardinals sins of the Roman Curia.

15 cardinals sins of the Roman Curia. 
THERE ARE 15 of these cardinal sins, and most likely, the sinners would not be redeemed if authentic penitence is not done right off. 
And yes, these are cardinal sins requiring cardinal purgation from the ordinary believers, not from 'em cardinals giving remission of each other's sins. 
We have seen 'em, these Roman Curia bureaucrats, and their head, once a pope but now retiring to pray for them at a Vatican villa somewhere, was just like them. 
The list of their sins are a commonplace. 
We know these.
People who have lived in walled lives either personally or collectively know these workings of power, and the end result, power itself, is an aphrodisiac. 
I have taught in four--yes, Virginia, four--seminaries, and I have seen how this pathology of power has afflicted all those occupying all the rungs of power from the lowliest to the highest of 'em all.
Somewhere, this teaching Vatican Curia must teach itself how to become a student of life again.
And more so, a student of spiritual life. 
Even as Pope Francis was telling them--and telling the same thing to himself--of these 15 cardinal sins of excess and abuse, the Curia people remained stone-faced.
We know they could be saints, or maybe sainted soon, and their statues would be cut our of the best Italian marble mined from some ancient place with the blood of gladiators and their emperors.
But we know too well that their feet are wooded, now and forever. 
Even as we say this, we declare: we still believe in the generous spirit of the Spirit of life. 

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