Coming to America, retracing Bulosan.

Coming to America, retracing Bulosan. 
SOME years ago, I wrote about this essay published in one of the local newspapers in Los Angeles where I was residing at that time. That was 11 years ago, I believe.
The essay, "Coming to America, Retracing Bulosan," was a meditation on my decision to leave da Filipins forever. 
By then, I had seen two EDSA People Revolutions. Both were useless.
Both of these were squandered by those afflicted with what a medical activist, and borrowed by Pope Francis, call as 'pathology of power.' 
I was asking myself if I made the right decision to quit the homeland. Like EDSA People Power I, I also invested in that EDSA People Power II that gave way to another opportunist in that palace by the murky river. 
I was part of the movement, even took part in writing manifestoes that got into those flyers for distribution at those rallies and demos we participated.
That Jericho March was the height of that political action, that march that saw the likes of bussed Fernando Poe Jr men and women, in their Fernando Poe shirts, harassing us marchers on our way to the Senate by the bay. 
I gave her two years, this Arroyo lady. Like Cory, she had dangling rosary on her hands. And like the Lady Peron too, in Argentina and in da Filipins. 
Two years after, I told myself: this homeland is not going anywhere. And so I said: I quit. 
And then like Bulosan, I came to America, da great America.
But now, I am watching this film below. It is fiction. It is from 'The Newsroom,' but whoever said that truth is stranger than fiction?

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