Linguistic injustice in Tibet.

Linguistic injustice in Tibet.
IF THE PHILIPPINES is a country saddled with the layers and layers of linguistic injustice and cultural tyranny, Tibet, bless that country, is saddled with the same thing as well.
For promoting Tibetan culture and Tibetan language and Tibetan music, a music artist--and singer--was sentenced to several years of imprisonment by a Chinese court.
The courts--and every court for that matter--is part of the very idea of repressive state apparatus, alongside the police system and the asylum, or if you want, the hospital and its ideological power of categorizing who is sick and who is healthy.
The Philippines continues to be blind to the reality and the power of diversity.
The country's educational administrators at Deped, CHEd, TESDA continue to be blind to the reality that our people are not Tagalog, and the belief that Tagalog is all there is in our collective and political life is an act that is fascistic.
Yes, let us use that word: linguistic fascism.
For that is the very history of every 'national language' including the 'national language' being rammed into the throat of every Filipino, and which every Filipino now is beginning to belief because Goebbels was right about repeating the lies until the lies become truth.
Goebbels, of course, was Hitler's propagandist until one day, both he and Hitler were found out to be clanging cymbals even as they pursued that fascistic project calls Nazism.
Here is the account, and all those well-meaning people out there must start a campaign to pressure the Chinese government into releasing the imprisoned artist.
Below is the account.

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