Sex slaves, Yazidi women, and the ISIS agendum of non-sense.

Sex slaves, Yazidi women, and the ISIS agendum of non-sense. 
LET US BE CLEAR about our premises and conclusions now. This is not right, this turning of the Yazidi women and girls--their number at 3500 by estimates--into sex slaves. 
The whole thing is under the pretext of advancing the cause of ISIS/IS/ISIL revolution, whatever that revolution means. 
Today on NPR/HPR, there is a report as well of turning women into commodities, with those with blues eyes more expensive than those with just ordinary black or brown. 
So: the more smoldering the eyes--the blue hue of the eyes speaking of unspeakable commodity power for whatever that is worth--the higher the fee for (a) the use of women and (b) determining the cost of trading them. 
Ladies and gentlemen, we are NOT referring to cattle here. 
Ladies and gentlemen, we are referring to people, to women, to children. This could be our people. 
And these children could be our own children. 
And now, even as we struggle for that which is redeeming, that which emancipatory, that which is liberating, we cannot just sweep under the rug the need to critique our means and methods. 
We just cannot, in much the same way that we go by the line of Pope Francis that bishops and priests, by their being men of the cloth, can be justified for (a) their careerist tendencies, (b) forgetting their vocation, (c) forgetting the mission by which they are called to serve, and (d) for collecting antique images of gods and goddesses, in much the same way that that priest from Cebu has collected Santo Niños, some made of ivory from 'murdered' elephants from the African continent. 
Under the pretext that we are doing what god wants, we cannot summon these stupid things and justify the stupidity that we do. 
Not at all.

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