Slave markets

"Slave markets." 
HOW ON EARTH can we ever justify the use of women and girls as sex slaves is something that belong to the incredible. 
IS--or now, the Pentagon's term, Daesh [or tramples on the foot]--is precisely doing that.
They are in the pursuit of the promised virgins, a foretaste of that warped ideology of nonsense. 
We have had errors in human history, like this error of slavery of Christianity, like this error of trading people because they are slaves. 
God bless us, but this act was done in the name of other ideals, and the perpetrators, at least many of them, were Christians who believed in the eternal goodness of God.
And now this, among those who profess a faith of peace and goodness and goodwill, advancing a cause that is questionable, and using means and methods that are as questionable as their demonstration of inhumanity.
Decent and self-respecting people out there in the world must come to their senses. 
We must call a spade a spade, and say, for once, that women and young girls are never commodities, goods, or objects to be sold, trades, used, abused, and offered for sale to the highest bidder. 

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