Freedom for West Papua

Freedom for West Papua. 
BEEN READING up a lot on the West Papua movement for independence. Our Apo Mike Pangilian, our Kapampangan scholar and language advocate based in Germany has been updating us on this, with his constant posting of the West Papuan case. 
My concern, initially, was linked up with the East Timor case, and this act of a former colony of the Dutch, Indonesia, to gobble up everything it can gobble up.
We have East Timor, freed unconditionally by the Dutch, but then invaded by the Indonesians, and for decades, the East Timorese suffered under Indonesian rule. 
Lives were sacrificed in the altar of independence and freedom.
So were limbs of fighters and the civilian populace.
So were their dreams of the good life, of a justice and fairness, and of liberty.
Until that day when East Timor became a country, a nation, and a state. 
And now this same case of the West Papuan. 
Read the story here, and you will cry rivers.
Or, you must.

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