Pope Francis is late in his verdict. But better late than never

Pope Francis is late in his verdict. But better late than never.
THOSE OF US who studied in seminaries of all kinds are of two kinds:
One, those who persevered, and therefore, blessed by God to serve him. AND 
Two, those who did not persevere, and therefore, blessed by God to return to world of the real and the raw and the ugly--the world not at all protected by convent walls and prayers and penitence galore. 
Either way, we are blessed.
This is in contradiction to what we heard from our rectos and formators in the past--'em who blackmailed us into believing that those who leave that four walls of the seminary, literally, are wont to have a good life at all! 
Ah, we were blackmailed into kowtowing to the demands of unruly formation, and some became the pit bulls of formators, snitching on others, and like the Gulag, telling on the human frailty of others so that those snitching men would be given special favors and graces and privileges. 
And now, Pope Francis tells those bishops and thus, those who rule over the lives of the faithful: REPENT ON CHRISTMASTIME. 
Ah, good for you, your excellency. You had it coming--and this should have come a long time ago except that the former pope kowtowed to your whims and caprice even as you also kowtowed to his stranglehold of church affairs. 
There is a lot to change, and let the lessons of Vatican II come to the Philippines and all countries similarly situated. 
Now just rosary-wielding lady presidents, por favor!

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