Context, please, Kris Aquino.

Context, please, Kris Aquino.
TO READ FROM Kris Aquino crediting the miracle that leads to the staying of the execution of Mary Jane Veloso (even if it were the case that the Inquirer has mistakenly reported she has been executed and writing this in bold, screaming letters as its banner story--is this really true?) lacks context.
Kris says that she is proud of her brother, that her brother, in that light, could make last minute miracles by simply talking to the Indonesian President Jokowi. 
To claim that supension of 'natural law' to account the manifestation of 'supernatural law' [as in the case of classical theodicy and metaphysics] without the real context is well, manifestly 'miraculous'. 
Ah, Kris can make miracles with her statements, and her smiles, a thousand of those, of contentment, reveal the miraculous power of her brother. 
But Indonesia has spoken, and says the real context of the reprieve, and if we are reading the language of diplomacy and international relations, we think twice whether we need to believe in the Kris Aquino miracles. 
If Kris wants her brother to make miracles, she would have to tell him, and make this her brother's legacy, that he would have to provide decent work for all those dreaming of going away to sell their life and labor and limb in either Malaysia or Indonesia, or in all the other 144 countries where peoples of the Philippines are found working both legally and illegally.

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