Ladies and gentlemen: His Excellency the President, Manny Pacquiao.

Ladies and gentlemen: His Excellency the President, Manny Pacquiao. 
IF WE BELIEVE IN THIS Yahoo news account, the Philippines will soon have a boxer for a president. 
We have had a series of characters from plunderers to despots so there is no logic that says that we should not have a boxer. 
Sarangani, if one were powerful, can be spelled Malacañan. 
We had a B-actor with his "bangbang" capability of running the affairs of the student. 
We had one with a delusion of grandeur. 
We had one who always prayed the rosary.
We had one who also prayed the rosary, prayed to the Black Virgin of Piat, and preyed upon a people to buy the loyalty of her generals and foot soldiers. 
We had one with a phallic reference of oral stage development, his cigar unlighted but reminding us of his ability to make sense even if some tell us he has amassed some wealth he has invested in Malaysia or Indonesia, we do not know. The paramour had an illusion for being first lady, but a general had to keep on checking her, the general not willing to piss her off. She became a lawmaker. 
This country, indeed, is a replete with characters. It is replete with political and historical novels as well, if only novelists are looking. 
Like the reference to a presidential child's almost obsessive singing of "I believe in every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows." 
Now, now: read Pacquiao's presidential ambitions.

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