Reason's why we have to think twice.

Reason's why we have to think twice.
HE HAD TO lavishly spend for his wedding and take the president no less as his ninong--his godfather--to complete the casting.
Stage set. Check.
Casting call, president coming over. Check.
Millions worth of wedding cake that rises from the ruins of flour and imagination and spectacle. Check.
Millions worth of wedding dresses, one dress for scene, to be changed ASAP as the scene changes. 
Casting call for bishops and priests complete. Check.
Padre Damaso's sermon. Check. 
Traffic going hung in Cubao. Check.
People satiated with the fantastic, with the illusion that they are Dingdong Dantes, and their daughter could be his bride. Check.
He is running for senator, this reputed Number 28 on the list. Check.
Say, he shall become another bench-warming senator the poor people and the mindless masses will subsidize. 
Ah, we more of this. And Pacquiao our opium.

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