Some peacekeeper of French soldiers and food for sex.

Some peacekeeper of French soldiers and food for sex. 
HORROR of horrors, this. CNN has come out with an account of stories of young boys abused--even sodomized--by French soldiers assigned to do peacekeeping work in a troubled land. 
The young boys asked for food from these soldiers.
The soldiers would give them on the condition that these young boys would give them sexual service. 
This unevenness of power is everywhere, and whether we speak of the French with their cry for equality--"Egalite! Fraternite! Liberte!"--or with the Pope's declaration that women cannot have salaries lower than men's if these two are performing the same jobs, or with the Philippines' penchant for last minute solutions to problems like its last-minute action to save Mary Jane Veloso, that last minute action eventually magnified by Kris Aquino as the 'greatness' of her brother. We could hear her: 'Ang galing ng brother ko, Kuya Boy Abunda, di baaah?' 
The French authorities have spoken: egalite will the done, fraternite will be served, and liberte pursued. Well, let us see.
Read--and weep about this unevenness of power, and the trading of sex for food. 
Holy carabao!

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