Vulgarity, vanity, and Lady Di of the Philippines.

Vulgarity, vanity, and Lady Di of the Philippines. 
WE ARE all her enablers. 
Or, we have become so, telling her, yes, yes, you have been deprived in your past, your husband was a jerk, your younger life was inhuman, and you had been a monument of sorrow and grief.
And, of course, you have been the martyr spouse and mother, and God bless you.
And now, it is time to go on life, start life, and love, and love in full, and love passionately and show the world you are Dionisia, and like Dionysius of all, start the fire, start the music, and start the dancing, and start to life, live, live.
And start to love, love, love. 
Ah, we all enabled you to become the Lady Di of our collective life. 
You are now exhibit number 1 for the spectacular that we need. 
You are now exhibit number 1 for all the things we want but could never have, like those bags and shoes in the thousands that could be equivalent to thousands of decent meals to the poor of Sarangani. 
You are now exhibit number 1 of those devosionadas who can afford to pray the rosary in public--are these real pearls, your, Ms Lady Di?--and verbally abuse their maids in private.
And now this: keep praying the rosary, Ms Lady Di, for real. We need to see you praying, praying, praying, okey?

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