Blogging Downtime

Today, I lost one great piece because of this blogging downtime.

I checked Blogger Status and one Jason writes, we are on high maintenance, a carryover of our response because of the blogging problem we encountered last week.

In another instance, I got this from the blog site: "Downtime maintenance. We are migrating databases to make Blogger stronger and stay tuned. We will be back shortly."

So this makes sense, I told myself.

But if you have lost several great works of literature on exilic life, ahem-ahem, this does not make sense, I suppose.

So I cry foul.

Where are those pieces that when I am about to publish, with the last stages of my self-editing mode to assure myself that my piece is complete so that the firstborn would not mock me, oh where are they now?

Like this one on how to face a new day, the one that I wrote just after waking up, this idea about the aroma of a newly brewed coffed in the early morning hours?

I try the blog again.

Still on high maintenance.

Still on migrating databases.

I stand up.

I go to the kitchen to take a cup of Colombia coffee newly brewed.

I will have to migrate my anger on the coffee newly brewed, with the coffee pot simmering hot.

A. S. Agcaoili
Torrance, CA
Began June 7, finished June 9, 2006

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