Exile, Exile, Breathe and Hold Still

In between the lull of exilic pain and exilic joy, you tell yourself: Exile, exile, breathe and hold still.

You command yourself to do just that.

You go the way of Sadhana, the Qabalah, the Zen, the Yoga, the mindfulness of the evolved spirit.

You go the way of affirming life each day.

Tough times are here.

The hard times are not yet over.

The terrain is rugged and the journey takes longer than long.

But what to do? you ask yourself.

Imagine the way of the Zen.

Take in the way of the Om in Sadhana: breathe and breathe still, three times, three more times, inhale, exhale, think of the Om in its breathing, the Om as the great spirit of life.

You look at the bright sun and you sit still.

You light the candle, offer the bowl of fresh water.

You go Yoga, you offer everything.

You submit to the great spirit.

You receive the ruach.

You receive the prana.

You receive the chi.

Om, Om, Om.

A. S. Agcaoili
Torrance, CA
June 16, 2006

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