Birthday Poem for Vangie Burcena

Wailing Wind, Pelting Rain


For Vangie Burcena, on her birthday, March 2009


I have known you: wailing wind.

I have known you: pelting rain.

For you are the gifts of the earth

The song of the break of day

The rainbow we go after

At the end of the valley

Where there thrives an outgrowth

Of lives in a unison of rhyme

And rhythm making music

For the heart that sweetly seeks.


You are wailing wind,

You are pelting rain,

And the storms of our lives

Come to a calming peace

And quiet in the hours

We let lose ourselves

To the demands of rest

To wait for dreams

Colorful as good dreams

Could only be: their reds

The vigor we want and we have

Their greens the symptom

Of our fears, past and gone,

Now interred with the sunset.


They do not come, the nightmares

For today is your new awakening

To the vast possibilities of a promise:

Yours, this one, and forever

It will be in your forgotten grief.



A Solver Agcaoili

Hon, HI/March 2009







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