Birthday Poem for Jennifer

Reaching Into the Future, This


For Jennifer S. Padre, on her birthday, March 2009


It is the equinox of night and day

Memory and remembrance

This reaching and reaching far

Far into the future, this!

It is your birthday, and the days

And years and decades are ahead

Reaching far into that gift

Of saying and naming

Before and after the cares

Even as we taste the words

What they mean

What they look like

In the heart that means so much

For the dreamer that sings!

We look back and we count

What counting can tell us all

To account what forgetting

Can mean to make us live

Lives, full and fuller beyond

This song we wrap with

With the colors of our thanksgiving

Which is yours too

We who repair that which is broken

We who mend those needing mending

To put together redemption’s seed

In the first request for forgiving

That which was not there

In the first place but here,

Today, at this hour, here is

This gift, our warmest wishes,

Our endless greetings.



A Solver Agcaoili

Hon, HI/Mar 2009


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