Kaalaan, Ilokano Lexicography


kaalaan 1. lit. able to get (to each other) mutually 2. fig. a situation in which a person is able to relate well with another 3. fig. a condition in which a person is close, in a friendly or intimate way, with another 4. neg. a condition in which two people have strong dislike for each other 5. neg. situation in which two people always hate each other etym. Ilk, ala, ‘get’ 6. cf. agkaalaan, panagkaalaan 7. ex. ‘Saankami nga agkaalaan ken Mario isu a nagsina ti dalanmi.’—‘Mario and I do not like each other so we parted ways.’

Source: A Solver Agcaoili, Contemporary English-Ilokano Dictionary.

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