A Night of Canvassing the Cash Of The Queen

This rite and ritual goes on and on.

This is how they pass the time

and boredom here

in this land of the foreigners

and the familiar.

They count the cash

of the queen for her queenly deed

of buying indulgences from churches

reeking with the cheap tactics

for seeking forgiveness.

They are the means and methods,

these tactics, mean and deceitful,

and as old as the mossy walls

of the convents of sinning clerics

their lay apostles

their accomplices

in shining armor,

they who come to pray

in evenings, adore the lord of life

in barren chapels and empty pulpits

in times of war and want

in times of loss and love,

conflicted and callused,

the very core of this celebration

tonight and in the nights

that will come after,

the night the queen will claim

her crown, her majesty

in her fairest

her princesses hovering

like rare butterflies

like muses unable to beget

children and charity

care and concern

except to say

this queenly cause

is in the name of the heavenly

monarchy, with the father

and his kingdom come

and then we parrot the line

about the mansions awaiting us

about the pageantry in gold

and glitter and grand.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili

Pearl City, HI

Jan 28/05

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