A Dream of a River/ 2 June 2014

A dream of a river. 

WAKEFULNESS makes you realize you have lost a dream. 

But somewhere, you can muster courage and write the outlines of your dream while you remain half-awake.

Or, half-dreaming.

This is what I am putting in a fictional work I am writing. This is what the character says: 

'Which I did--this act of inscribing his dream.

'I crossed the Padsan River from the Santa Maria area to the Tangib, or something close to it.

'But the other side is not a shore, but walls of hardened cliffs of earth.

'I swam, made batok, until it was dusk.

'I thought I needed to call someone who could help me go back to the 'kapanagan', and without blurting a word, there he comes, the man with a crude jetski-cum-rectangular-cum-boat-like vehicle.

'When crossing to the where I came from, I look for my clothes and my wallet, and there I found these where I left them.

'There is no money in my wallet except some useless paper currency from Cambodia and Thailand.

'The dollars were not there, and so were the pesos!'


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