Forty. And he shall rise again. For Amer Amor.


[For Amer, a former student of mine who passed on to another life, and who, for ten years, taught at UP Baguio and there trained caring and committed students, bequeathing to all of them the light he has seen.] 

HIS photo, Return to Paradise, has that uncanny feel of what paradise is all about. 

It has that texture of peace, quiet, tranquility, repose.

If Amer Amor were a monk by the Franciscan Monastery at Davila in Pasuquin, he could have written love songs for a beautiful life he lived, love songs for the people he touched and who touched him, and love songs for the Force that gave him the inspiration to capture for Eternity that temporal scene, freezing it as if it were a stone that has witnessed the mysteries of our comings and goings.

The word 'forty' is many things in the life of Christians in the Philippines.

It takes its allusions to the length of time between Christ's resurrection and his ascension to heaven, to the Father that sent him to earth and live among men and women and children and nature.

Soon, Amer will ascend to that real life he deserves.

Soon, he will sit by the side of his Maker.

Soon, he will start his journey in Eternity.

You have found your home--and have returned to it, Amer.

Be well.

Be well.

And intercede for us the living.

23 Jun 2014

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