Jet Lag and Other Jubilations/ 2 June 2014

Jet lag and other jubilations. 

Jet Lag. It is the 'extreme tiredness and other physical effects felt by a person after a long flight across several time zones,' Webster says. 

I do not know what causes the extreme tiredness.

Could it be the chance in the time zone? Could it be the impossibility of the body to adjust right off the bat to the changed condition of the new place where he is in?

Those who have gone through the same thing of clocking in various times in various places would see that a certain disorientation is there, lodged in the rhythms of the human body, with the rhythms unable to speed up so these could catch up with the changed conditions of human life.

When one gets to a new place, he must adjust, like my flying in from Bangkok to Siem Riep to Manila to Baguio all in a span of 48 hours.

I thought I was somewhere else, perhaps in de-planetized Pluto that we had to believe after memorizing that it was part of the list of planets.

What to do with jet lag?

Oh, simple: write sabbatical notes.

Or, remember the good old days when the Philippines was not yet the haven of thieves and robber barons.

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